"Wolever wasn't always a painter in the traditional sense of the word. Throughout his career as an artist he has always explored themes of environment, upbringing, and personal landmarks. First in the form of installations, and now as complex, layered paintings. He has transitioned from using wood and ceramic as his canvas to a more two dimensional approach, and done so brilliantly.

Utilizing a combination of acrylic, ink, and transfer prints, Eric pulls a depth of memory and experience into a condensed form. He cites his mid-western upbringing as his main inspiration for his work, drawing from his numerous summers fishing, the lattice of nylon porch chairs, and weathered basketball hoops.

Eric invites us to observe these artifacts within his context, and within our own. The resulting narrative is one half-formulated by his work, and half-constructed of our own experience."

Text courtesy of the Artisan gallery